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The Days of MY Opinion
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New review of yesterday's show...Normally I "watch" Days while I'm adding Thaao's scenes to my compilation tape, but since I tuned in while it was airing, that meant a second viewing, and I was left with a different impression. 
I distanced myself from the scenes, and despite my preferences, it was a really good day for Tony as the characters stayed IN character.
It's not like my guy to run in screaming with fists flying, but that IS HuffnPuff's style.  He's a hothead and thus doesn't think clearly half the time, and that's why he keeps making stupid mistakes.  He should know better, but this is obviously one lesson he won't learn. 
Much of what I said below still holds.  John is a boorish flaming hypocrite, but at least the writers are keeping him in character.  No one can say he's being deconstructed, rewritten or anything else because that's who he's been for many years through various writing regimes.  My only hope is that Tony is written as consistently, and that glorious sense of humor isn't messed with.
And as always, Thaao's acting really is quite magnificent.  Days is lucky to have him!
Monday, December 2...Today's show wasn't as bad as I expected because the acting on Thaao's part was terrific.  Quiet, controlled and strong.  The rest?  More character destruction for John IMO. 
You'd think he'd know a thing or two by now if he's a "spy," but he keeps getting in Tony's face and making threats.  He even lets it slip that Marlena is having some problems.  Not smacking of smart here spy guy.  Tony was right, he does need to be married to a psychiatrist to keep himself in check.  Wait, it hasn't worked so forget that little detail.
The most laugh-worthy line was John saying that Tony has "no respect for any law."  WHOA!  You're the one that keeps breaking into a DiMera home or stealing something.  If he could have found the box, he would have beaten up Tony and run off with it.  Didn't he say a few times that he wants to take Tony down?  He sure isn't going to do it legally if everything he's doing is ILlegal.  And what about that sucker punch?  He really should be arrested! 
Tony got in a good zinger by bringing up Kristen, and how she was "corrupted" by her involvement with John.  I never was a fan of the character, actress or couple, but he was right.  She was greatly influenced by Stefano, but she was also a dedicated social worker and good friend.  Where did that go?  It evaporated as her obsession developed further and further along.
The ONLY good part with John was that he did calm down and seemed to listen to what Tony had to say, but that had to be countered by his getting physical again.  Grabbing someone by the lapels isn't exactly a friendly gesture...although if a woman did it...different subject.  LOL
Could they PLEASE stop putting "Gemini" in front of "twins?"  I feel like my astrological sign is being maligned...can I sue?  LOL
As for that Brady/Chloe love scene...not darn bad!  It was, IMO, quite hot there for a few seconds, and tender and sweet the rest of the time.  Hey Ken, don't forget Tony!
Friday, November 29...I had to laugh a bit today when I noticed Thaao once again kind of knocking his fingertips together as I do that too. 
Anyway...I'm glad Tony filled Colin in on what was happening, and I liked how calmly and humorously he said, "Happy ending.  I'm still here, alive and well."  Amen to that!  If he weren't, my VCR would be deprogrammed in less than 10 seconds. 
Marlena is "my destiny?"  Good grief, I sure hope that's not the case.  She's a shell of the woman she used to be, and like HuffnPuff, she has situational ethics.  I'd rather see someone be bad than to watch them change their moral code to suit their purposes.  I had hopes of liking Marlena again, but when she talked herself into a way where she could tell HuffnPuff  what Tony revealed to her, that was the final straw.  Not that I mind a good scene between Tony and Marlena, but romance?  Pass the Pepto. 
Fire reveals truth, the truth is frozen in time...the truth is I want this storyline to MOVE and yesterday couldn't be soon enough for me.  Why weren't we seeing these scenes nearly a month ago?
I watched just enough of one HuffnPuff & Marlena scene to hear the usual "Tony did it" crap.  Same song, different verse...wake me when it's over.
Did Sami actually say she was out of the Lexie-is-alive loop because no one wanted her lying to Will?  Maybe if she'd been at the pub when Bo told them everything...or Lexie was right, and she'd blab.  If they EVER put Tony with this scheming young pup, they'd BETTER show me why he'd even give her the time of day let alone a ***.  It rhymes, figure it out.  ;-)
In barges HuffnPuff to huff and puff as usual.  Haven't I been seeing this for five months already?  If the jerk actually had the sense God gave a radish, he'd know that telling your enemy you're right on their tail isn't the wisest war plan you could develop.   I can live with this though as long as Huff doesn't show up when Tony is getting down to really serious a love scene! 
Wednesday, November 27...Tony and Rolf are in the not-so-secret room with the portrait of Marlena, and it's CREEPY.  The way he used his hand to almost caress the picture was too Stefano like for my taste, but that was the point.  Unfortunately I've been there and done that many times...anything fresh coming down the pike?  Hope so.  The bright spot was his saying that unlike his father, he won't hurt the family to achieve his goals.  As Carol (from the Thaao board) said, maybe that means he'll back off from his revenge seeking when he finds out HuffnPuff is his brother. 
Whoa, was that a sudden warm front coming in?  When Tony hugged Lexie, Celeste actually looked, dare I say it, pleased!  I suppose it was because he supported and believed her daughter when she didn't.  Of course this had to be followed by a truly gag-worthy line of Tony's--"youth and beauty"--when the insipid duo (a.k.a. Rex & Cassie) entered the room.  Two words come to mind when I see them:  FAST FORWARD.   
Creme brulee?  Toss in some lobster bisque, and I'm THERE!
Fashion watch:  There's nothing like a dark suit to make a man look terrific!
Tuesday, November 26... Tony asks at the police station if the press release includes an apology...DAMN SKIPPY!!!!!!!  What in the heck was up with that limited number of apologies or thanks to Lexie for what she did?  Not only was she jailed and ripped to pieces from all sides, she helps bring that dopey Hope back, and she's left on the sidelines.  Hmmpf.  I wasn't expecting her to be embraced into the Brady/Horton gang, but they DID know about the plan so they failed the class test.  Shocked?  Hardly as I predicted this weeks ago on the board.
What I did enjoy was the protectiveness Tony showed toward Lexie, and is she going to whine less and stand up for herself?  Telling off Abe was a nice start, but she loses a point for chasing after Brandon.
Fashion watch:  Oooooh....a three-piece suit.  I like those! 
Friday, November 22...HuffnPuff has to be begged into helping Tony as he's hanging over the darkness...whatta guy!  I couldn't agree more with my favorite character when he says to the moron, "So much for the honorable John Black."  I would have tossed out my own line of "What honor?"  That hypocritical **** needs to get off his high horse...or get KNOCKED off the damn thing. 
So then the jack*** says they're not going anywhere.  Knock, knock, knock...clue arriving for John Black--IT'S NOT YOUR PROPERTY!!!!  Hey Tony, shoot the SOB if he comes after you again on YOUR turf. 
Thursday, November 21...John turns to find his own mansion.  GASP!  Then Mr. HuffnPuff asks if he's following them around.  So what if he is as YOU'RE the trespasser.  He breaks into various DiMera properties, he steals, and he thinks he's in the right?  In what freakin' universe!?  There aren't enough words to describe how much I dislike that twit known as John Black (Mr. HuffnPuff to me from now on) .  Would he want his past coming back to haunt him for the rest of his life?  He doesn't hesitate to put all that on Tony, and this was AFTER he chased the guy's wife.  I know he's not the brightest bulb on the tree, but even he should be able to figure out precisely why Tony wouldn't mind seeing him under the wheels of his limo.  Or is he really THAT stupid? 
Marlena dear, Emma Peel you're not!   As someone who has seen EVERY episode of The Avengers that Diana Rigg appeared in--at least twice--this crap made me cover my eyes.  Soaps SUCK at this stuff so I wish they'd cut it out!
The mansion?  Who knows, it was too dark to tell much of anything.
There was a glorious moment in all of this:  "But enough about me.  Tell me, what motivated you and your lovely wife to come to this little bit of paradise."  Thaao's delivery was perfect, and it made me smile while still wanting to throttle Mr. HuffnPuff. 
Fashion watch:  A light-colored suit...not a favorite of mine on any man.