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11/29/02...created The Days of MY Opinion and Team Thaao pages.  I'll post my thoughts on each episode Thaao appears in (don't usually even zap the others).  It will be an ongoing thing and not mentioned here as an "update." 
11/17/02...added the August 2, 2002 article from Australia's TV Week on the 2002 Articles--Part 2 page (at the very top).
11/2/02...yes, the ads are back!  I've downgraded my Tripod membership while I figure out what I'm going to do with the site.  There's no sense in paying $60 a year when the updates will be few and far between.  The bad side of this is that I've lost 20% of the bandwidth in the process, and with an average of 6,000 hits a month, the site could go down every now and then.  Sorry if that happens, but it will be back up before long.
10/13/02...created the Addresses & Links page.  Looking for the Early Edition site or want to know where to write Soap Opera Weekly?  It's here! 
10/5/02...added a picture from the October 8, 2002 SOD--no article.
10/3/02...put up my vacation pics again because some friends missed them the first time around.  Some new shots are included.
10/1/02...added the two latest pictures from SOW (10/8/02 issue).  The short article that went with them is storyline related and won't be posted. 
9/28/02...uploaded another headshot (clearer version of the one on the 1980's picture page--at bottom on the left), added two tv shows to Thaao's list of credits, and posted a photo and interview (SOU, 1/25/94) on their appropriate pages.
9/16/02...posted all of the MI pics on their own page, deleted my L.A. Diary (was only temporary).
9/15/02...Hawkins Captures page removed.  Sorry, but it was a request I had to honor.
9/13/02...on Headshots page, changed layout and added a color headshot right at the top.  Misc. Photos, deleted two MI pics as they'll be on the new Mission Impossible Photos page and added three others--look for date at bottom.  Magazine Photos 2002, changed out the dinky NBC photo for a larger one (the shot that's on the Thaao message board).  MI page to be created shortly. 
9/7/02...posted my vacation pics on the L.A. Diary page. 
8/16/02...put up the latest interview from SOD on the 2002 Articles Part 2 page (moved the online interview to it's own section), and the three pictures that went with it.  These are GREAT photos, and I think I may have found a new all-time favorite. 
8/9/02...added Part 2 of the online interview.  ***Now on its own page--Online Interview 2002.
8/8/02...posted a very small pic from TV Guide on the Magazine Pictures 2002 page.  I'd love for it to be larger, but it gets blurry in anything but actual size. 
7/31/02...added the 2002 Articles--Part 2 page for that VERY long online interview.  ***Now on its own page--Online Interview 2002.
7/29/02...added three photos--a larger version of the great NBC shot on the 2002 page and two under misc. at the bottom.  I've given up trying to figure out the chronological order so I just shoved them in. 
7/20/02...created the whole new "Hawkins Captures" page for 15 shots from Hawkins:  Murder In Movieland.  They really do take us back to Thaao's early days, and we have Maria to thank for sending these to me.  She's the best!
7/18/02...yeeeeeeees, some great photos, and the article, Good Vs. Evil, from the July 30 SOU were posted.  If you've seen the magazine, yes, I cut Drake out of the pics.  This is a Thaao site after all!  LOL
7/14/ of Thaao in Egypt and Greece from the 7/23/02 SOD were added on the At Home & Abroad page.  The limited text that went with them will be added to the Magazine Articles 2002 shortly.
7/11/02...added a great pic of Thaao that was found online (on Magazine Pictures--2002 page). 
7/5/02...update on the update...I found a fourth photo in SOU, and I've posted that one too.
7/5/02...JACKPOT!!!  Three pictures, a short blurb, and an actual interview from SOU (issue dated 7/16/02) are up!!!!  Heavy sigh...crab cakes...I miss the days when I ate bread. 
7/3/02...added two teeeeeeeensy pics.  One is from SOD's 7/9 issue, and to make it any bigger ruins what little clarity it actually has.  The other is from NBC, and that one really looks awful if it's larger than that.  Sorry, but my techno skills only go so far.  LOL!
6/29/02...posted a nice little blurb from the New York Daily News on the 2002 Articles page.  Those of us that are nervous about Sami can probably relax a little.  ;-)
6/23/02...added two pictures and one small mention from the latest SOD (7/2/02).  The shot of Thaao & Eileen went with this silly thing called "The Six Degress of Separation," and wasn't worth typing in.
6/22/02...found some tidbits at, and I've posted them on the 2002 articles page.  The picture they used is already on the site--90's photos, multi-colored sweater with the leather patch on the arm.    
6/21/02...added the article and photo from the 7/2/02 SOW.  The good news IMO?  Tony might not be all that evil.  The bad?  This is the best they could do to explain his being alive?  And don't get me started on Sami slithering up to the only DiMera I've ever liked!   
6/18/ SOD finally arrived, and I've put up what little they had (6/25/02 issue--pic and article).
6/17/02...posted the tiny cover photo from the latest SOU (7/2/02).  It's not much, but it's something.  ;-)
6/14/02...two more "unknown" pics added.  One is in the 1980's section on the left at the very bottom.  The other is on the 1990's page, on the left, and it discusses Thaao's first "toy."  Both are marked as to when they were put up.
6/10/02...put up another one of the Exley shots from the 4/5/94 Soap Opera Weekly (leather jacket, in middle of page next to the others from the same issue).
6/7/02...added the latest from the June 18 SOD--article (along with the summer preview) and pic on their respective pages.  And YES, Thaao can still do those love scenes...just get him into one...QUICKLY!  LOL
6/6/02...posted a short thing (unknown source, under the cookie recipe at the top, 1995 Articles) about Thaao leaving Days.   The picture that went with it is on the front page (by the car). 
5/31/02...added the latest mini-interview and two pictures from Soap Opera Weekly.  It should come as no surprise that both of these pictures are just different versions of the ones they used on the cover and with the interview from 1994.  NEW PICS PEOPLE!!!!!  I WANT NEW!!!!!  LOL
5/22/02...SOU's latest (6/4/02) picture and article posted on their respective pages.  Also, swapped out two 1990's mag pics Maria sent me without the usual graphics.  Thanks!
5/21/02...posted the latest TV Guide mention and pic (2002 articles and photos), added a bunch of MI captures and one headshot and changed one of the home page photos. 
5/13/02...posted the last of two 1981 articles (SOD, 11/24/81) and switched out the main "Suave Sophistication" photo on the Thaao At Home & Abroad page.  Thanks to Maria for sending in one that didn't have red letters running across his middle!
5/9/02...posted Has This Man Been Seduced By Hollywood, Daytime TV, September 1982.  
5/7/02...added A Sudsy Success article, Starweek, August 24, 1985.  The two pictures that went with it are already up.
5/2/02...oh are my fingers tired!  I posted the first of two interviews from 1981 in the new 1981 Articles section, and I don't even care if there are serious typos at this point!  Along with the four photos that went with this article (Daytimers, 10/81), I also put up the ones that went with three more than will posted over the coming weeks (Daytime TV--09/82, Starweek--9/24/85 and SOD--11/24/81).  Ignore the "article on site" and such under a pic because I did that for convenience.  When they're posted, I'll say so right here. 
4/27/02...created Thaao at Home & Abroad page and posted the photos from SOM's "Thaao Tours Turkey and Greece."   
4/25/02...added a BUNCH of captures on the MI page (look for those you haven't seen before, LOL) and rearranged the Headshots, Misc. Photos and MI Captures.  The other photo pages will be formatted like this in the future.
4/23/02...added three more photos from Thaao At Home on the Magazine Pictures--1990's page (the house itself, bathroom and living room).  Go down to Soap Opera Magazine, June 27, 1995.
4/16/02...Emma: Queen of the South Seas shot added under Misc. Photos--courtesy of Jan.
4/15/02...had to pay over $500 to the IRS today (boo hiss, LOL), but I also added dates, character names and episode titles to the Res˙me.  At least as much as I had.
4/12/02...all updates moved to this page, three more pics of "Thaao through the years..." and another press-kit shot from The Bell Jar added to Misc. Photos.
4/11/02...Res˙me section has been added.
4/10/02...six more Mission: Impossible captures are up--courtesy of Maria.
4/6/02..."A Touch of Suave Sophistication" has been posted in the 1993 Articles section, and the five pictures that went with it under Magazine Pictures--1990's (SOM, 12/7/93).