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So what are your favorite roles or scenes?

I can definitely recall being a Thaao fan going back to GH, but don't ask me for storyline details because I forgot them long ago.  The same can be said for Days Part 1 where I only remember liking Tony & Renee but have NO memory whatsoever of Tony & Anna.  Emma has a sexy love scene, and The Lookalike has quite a few good moments, but one of my favorite roles would be Spyros in Memories of Midnight (with Omar Sharif, be still my heart).  Mission: Impossible was another favorite because of the range of material that the actors were given--they were all like an early Jennifer Garner from Alias (my addiction of the moment).
As for favorite scenes, I'd have to go back to a time Thaao said he'd forgotten--Santa Barbara.  I missed the bulk of his storyline because I had no idea he was even on there (see what you get for not getting the soap mags?), but I did catch a few months, and the three episodes I describe below involved a good amount of range and romance.
The show opens with Thaao's character, Micah, pulling the woman he's interested in, Jodi (Kim Zimmer), into a supply closet at the hospital they both work at.  He passionately kisses her, but she's resisting.  They're on duty, they'll be seen...that kind of thing.  He wickedly smiles that he wants to help her get over her "asinine marriage," and he gives her a poem.  "Oh!" she says--it's erotic.  He even says that he "could bring a few satin sheets himself" to add to the pillows and blankets that are already in there.  Very flirty and fun through all this.  Once again she starts resisting and tries to leave, but he pulls her back in for one more intense kiss.  When she does manage to leave, she runs right into three people (Eileen Davidson and Jed Allen among them).  She's embarassed and quickly gets back to work.  Then he comes out.  Inventory.  That time of year. 
She comes home and he's waiting by the fire with champagne--and they're alone.  She sees a plot and says he'll "try" to seduce her.  He hands her a glass of champagne and with that seductive grin toasts, "To the victor." 
She says she read the poem, and he had hoped she'd run home when she did.  She admits that she stopped by her old home to see her soon-to-be ex.  He's visibly hurt and physically distances himself from her, but she does a 180 and makes a move on him.  "What's gotten into you?" he asks.  From his experience, "the man is the seducer, the woman the seducee," but she says she's going to introduce him to "Love, American style."  Pure fun in this part.
Despite his full participation in a passionate kiss, he tries to get her to slow down.  More champagne?  A five-course meal at the Oasis?  She declares, "You are such a big, fat're afraid of me!"  After all the chasing he's done?  He's visibly nervous and even shy but says that he sees himself as thoroughly modern, and she says he sees himself as a knight with a lance in one hand, the damsel in the other.  She challenges him though, and they end up going off to bed with big smiles on their faces after she begins to recite her own dirty poem that starts with "There once was a woman from Nantucket..." 
In the bedroom, he removes her earrings and says with a sly smile, "You know what's about to happen?"  She replies in between kisses, "Poetry in motion doctor.  Sheer poetry."  They kiss and fall back on the bed, and I swear it looks like they rolled right off the end.
Afterwards, she's feeling guilty for being with another man, and he tries to make her see that she shouldn't.  He attempts to seduce her into another round by nuzzling her neck ("lip therapy"), but she nicely declines with a kiss and leaves, and he's left sitting up in bed looking rejected.
Downstairs in her nightgown, she talks to herself and admits that she cares "a lot" for Micah.  She wouldn't have slept with him otherwise.  Truth be told, she jumped him!  And then he enters...
"Guilt hasn't reared its ugly head again?"  In a moment, he wickedly (NO other word describes this look as well) smiles and enthusiastically says while holding her in his arms, "Why don't you get a divorce?"  He reminds her that "guilt gains you nothing" and makes the moves on her again.  The way Thaao said this line always makes me LOL.  She declares, "Casanova had nothing on you!"  He says with an amused look that he named his son (the priest) after him, and a lot of good that did him.  She gently slaps him on the chest with a laugh, and they both switch gears back to the romance portion of the evening.  "Such a mouth.  Such a mouth," he says slowly and seductively before leaning in for a kiss.  As they slide down to the floor, you hear a sudden "DAD!"  His daughter, and her son have just come home from a date. 
After various scenes between the parents and teens (his being happy, hers royally peeved), Jodi meets Micah in bed where he gently attempts to make love to her again, but she wants--no, needs--to be held.  It's like she's afraid of the dark, and while holding her in his arms, he swears he'll always be there for her. 
I love this collection of scenes because of how the emotions shifted around, and Thaao got the best lines too.  All of this combined didn't get a lot of airtime, but I think it packed a wallop because they put a twist on the candles-and-champagne cliché.  Getting these two into bed for the first time could have been as simple as his seducing her with all the basics (yawn--been done to death), and her having morning-after regrets, but there was some fun along the way.  Also, these episodes aired right before the show ended, and I'm glad the actors didn't put the brakes on, phone it in, or worse, chew up the scenery.